«Geostron» software version 3.4.1 – Saving the parks on server and automatic update

There is a possibility to save the parks on the server in the new «Geostron» software, also the function of automatic update to the last version is added. These possibilities will allow you to control monitoring objects, open new monitoring areas, and always have the latest «Geostron» software.

What's New:

  1. - keeping parks on the server;
  2. - editing routes that have already been saved;
  3. - displaying event zones as an indicator on the graph;
  4. - a cell with a parameter in a telemetry table highlights requesting the graph;
  5. - automatic software updates;
  6. - problems connecting to Google Earth while starting the program has been fixed;
  7. - the parametric system of events has been optimized;
  8. - monitoring panel allows the measurement of the area height of an objects in the main and report windows;


Administration of parks

To save or download the park from the server, go to the menu «Settings» -> «Administration». The login and password will be asked, then all saved parks and updating/saving new ones will be available. For every user administrator accounts that have been created. For example if your username is «Test», then title «A» should be added in the beginning as well as for the password. Then you can change the username or password, for that, enter your new username and password and click change.

Editing of previously saved routes

To edit the routes, click the red marker underneath the list of routes. To rename the route click the notebook icon.

Marking events on a graph, disabling the event’s notifications.

While requesting the graph from the sensor, if an event is assigned, triggered places will be shown as «indicators».

Selection of the cell in a telemetry table while requesting the graph

Now, while requesting the graph, the cell in a telemetry turns blue, which makes the control of vehicle exploitation more convenient.

Automatic update of «Geostron» software to the latest version

To activate this function, go to menu «Settings» -> «Common» and put mark on «Inform me about updates».

Then while starting «Geostron» program you will be informed about possible updates. You can update the program by clicking «OK» or set aside until next start by clicking «Cancel».

You can also check the updates manually if the automatic update function is not active.

Problem with connecting to Google Earth, starting «Geostron» has been fixed.

"Geostron" software - 3.7.2 version