15.01.2016 «Geostron» software version 3.4.1 – Saving the parks on server and automatic update
     02.06.2015 Geostron software version 3.3.1 – Picture from camcorder
     01.06.2015 Geostron – Video recording unit
     27.05.2015 Geostron software version 3.2.7 – Object map
     27.05.2015 Parameter reading of CAN bus on SCANIA series P
     20.05.2015 New personal autonomous satellite communicator-tracker combining functions of GPS-tracker and satellite pager Shout TS (Touch Screen)
     08.05.2015 Congratulations on Victory day!
     06.05.2015 "Geostron" in Spain
     24.04.2015 Quantor Company in association with the company Strazh presented a system of control over the violations of railway carriages, containers, tanks and sea freights at TransRussia exhibition.
     09.04.2015 Geostron software version 3.2.4 – Live reports
     10.03.2015 Representatives of KAMAZ, Transics International N.V., WABCO RUS Ltd and Quantor Ltd meet in Technopark of High Technology March 10th.
     04.03.2015 Portable satellite telephone Iridium Extreme 9575 introduced in the system
     25.02.2015 New version of WEB monitoring
     18.02.2015 Geostron software 3.2.2 – Optimized
     26.01.2015 Geostron software version 3.2.1 - "Inner sensors and routes"
     11.11.2011 Software Geostron version 2.6.9. New possibilities for track timing
     31.10.2011 Geostron software version 2.6.7 – new algorithm of data packaging
     20.09.2011 Company “Quantor” announced issuing a new autonomic monitoring complex “Geostron AMK-3”
     07.09.2011 ASC-6 – a made-in-Russia GPS/GLONASS tracker with CAN bus support
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